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Being a vegetarian is a weird concept for most. There is a perception that food has to have meat in it or it has no flavour and is not worth eating.

And although I believe that we are capable of making our own decisions as to what works best for us, we are also conditioned to view certain things as absolute truth although there may be other valid choices that conflict with popular opinions.

I get asked about what I eat all the time and, at most, I am the only vegetarian in the room in social settings. I am yet to come across a restaurant that doesn’t have at least one decent vegetarian option for a substantial main course.

My grocery list is simply fruits, veggies, dairy and legumes. There are many flavoursome combinations of these ingredients. I eat fresh when I’m home and tend to go grocery shopping twice a week. I don’t cook and therefore salads, sandwiches and protein shakes seem to be my staple.

My favourite restaurant meal is PadThai with extra veggies and tofu. Simply Asia does a great job with this meal and the combination of bean sprouts, peanuts, soy, ginger, veggies, tofu and noodles are outstanding.

I also love a garden platter from Ben Wei. He makes the best vegetarian sushi in Town.

Then, who doesn’t love pizza? Colcacchio is my go-to. My best is the half Strega, half Autunno combo. It is a must-have.

I attend gym five times a week and all gyms have a health bar where I opt to get a wrap, smoothie, bowl like The Mexican filled with beans, avo, corn and salsa. My regular choice is scrambled eggs on toast for brunch.

Being Indian, it’s a given that I love spices. Curry is a norm and you can give me shambles and naan and the works any day. Our vegetarian options cannot be beaten on the flavour realm. Luckily for eat-out, there are a plethora of local options to choose from.

So if you choose to be a vegetarian or vegan for health reasons, because you want to be kinder to the planet or whether it’s part of your faith - be assured that your food will be bursting with all types of yummy flavours.

I eat for nutrition, not taste, and yet my food is always tastiest treats!

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