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    The demands of modern life are intense. Most people wish to eat better and live healthier.


    Healthy habits make a huge difference to the quality of life.


    Purple Moon Yoga offers yogic practices through subscriptions to enhance and improve everyday life.


    All of our practices are certified and ethically produced.


    Eating and living healthily should be as easy as breathing.

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    Yogi EJ

    योग Peace of Mind 💟


    After practicing for many years, I started my Advanced Intensive Yoga Teacher training course on 1st September 2019. Fueled by a burning desire to take my yoga practice to the next level and gain a qualification that would enable me to share my passion.


    I am experiencing the best time of my life and have truly found my calling. Having a purpose adds a new and refreshing perspective to life. It has enriched my existence and I cannot wait to share all developments pertaining to this pleasurable path, with you.


    Here you will find everything that you need to know about how to enhance your practice for an optimal Yogic Journey.


    Breathe, be present, enjoy and may we continue to have peace of mind.

    Mantra & Meditation 📿

    Sound is sacred and chanting mantras has the power to transform mind, body and soul in creating a significant vibration that stimulates overall well-being. Still the mind to bring peace and declutter through focus thus connecting to Self and Source.

  • Recipes 🌱

    Mango Kiwi Bowl

    🥭 🥝 🥥🍊🌰

    Peach Berry Bowl

    🥜🍑🍇 🍈🍍

    Kiwi Banana Bowl


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