• Porridges

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    Passion Porridge

    🥭 🥝 🥥🍊🌰

    Prune Mango Kiwi 

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    Power Porridge

    🥜🍑🍇 🍈🍍

    Peach Berry Nut

    broken image

    Peace Porridge


    Plum Banana Seed

  • Pancakes

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    Passion Pancake

    🍓 🍇 🍐 🌰

    Protein Prune Berry Fig

    broken image

    Power Pancake

    🍑 🍌 🥜 🍍

    Protein Peach Banana Nut

    broken image

    Peace Pancake

    🍊 🍈 🥭 🍏

    Protein Plum Naartjie Cinnamon

  • Plates

    broken image

    Passion Plate


    Plant Bean Greens

    broken image

    Power Plate


    Pepper Mezze Spice

    broken image

    Peace Plate


    Pumkin Soy Rice

  • Pudding

    broken image

    Passion Pudding



    Pomegranate Pine Syrup

    broken image

    Power Pudding



    Pecan Peach Pie

    broken image

    Peace Pudding



    Panna Cotta Berry

  • Planetary Puja



    Sound is sacred and chanting mantras has the power to transform mind, body and soul in creating a significant vibration that stimulates overall well-being. Still the mind to bring peace and declutter through focus thus connecting to Self and Source.